22nd March 2014

Hi Readers,

This is my very first post for my blog, where I will be documenting Chick Lit with a bit of YA thrown in for good measure.

I will regularly be reviewing Chick Lit and YA novels via this blog and sharing my thoughts with fellow enthusiasts and lovers of ‘pink’ books.

My very first post will be a review of ‘To Catch a Billionaire’ by Dana Stone


Book description as per Amazon:

A hostile takeover, an irresistible man and unexpected lust. 
What else could go wrong? Erin Cameron can’t imagine . . . until she falls for the very man who would take her livelihood from her without a qualm. 
In her longtime gallery manager disguise as Cam Boucher, Erin Cameron’s senses are overwhelmed when a sexy, charming, and somewhat ruthless billionaire strolls into Cameron Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, as though he owns it. Taken aback by her immediate and intense desire for Tristan Forsyth, Erin finds she can’t get him out of her mind. 
With Tristan’s continual interruptions, veiled threats of adding her gallery to the increasing number of world-wide galleries he already owns, Erin is worried she’s met her match. Mrs. Hardy, housekeeper and matchmaker at the Cameron estate, isn’t much help when it comes to Erin’s attempts to avoid Tristan. Erin finally faces him down at New York’s Metropolitan Museum, and sparks fly. Will they both be consumed by the scorching fire between them that is undeniable? Can Erin allow him to take all she holds dear for one night of sex? Painted into a corner, Erin searches her heart for a way to deal with the dangerous problems facing her.

I have just started to read this book and I must say that it has a very promising start, and I will be posting the review soon, so watch this space…..


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