24th March 2014 – Book Review: To Catch a Billionaire by Dana Stone



This is the first time that I am reviewing a ‘pink’ book here on my brand spanking, shiny new blog and I must say, I am always on the look out for first time chick lit authors and this is one of this things that appealed to me about this book. When I read the synopsis for this novel, I thought to myself ‘ I must read this, the story sounds interesting…..’

The book has a promising start and is based on the heroine Erin Cameron, who is the owner of an Art Gallery, left to her by her dead father and Tristian Forsyth, the man who wants both the Art Gallery and Erin. To be honest, the theme and the style of the story reminded me of early Mills and Boon, where the heroes were tall, dark and handsome (almost always) and would never take no for an answer. However, this is where the resemblance ends. Our heroine is no shy, retiring, shrinking, violet. She has a alter ego, Cam Boucher (pronouned Bouchey). Cam Boucher is Erin disguised as her own gallery manager and this is a secret she shares only with her housekeeper Mrs. Hardy. Tristian Forsyth has a hobby and unfortunately for Erin (or Cam), this is buying lucrative art galleries to further amass his own considerable fortune. When Erin and Tristian meet, sparks fly and the chemistry between them leaves them both breathless. The heroine unapologetically feels sexual desire for the hero and is candid and open about it. Throw into the mix, a theft at Erin’s art gallery and you have a well-rounded storyline. 

I did enjoy the author’s style of story-telling and the novella was fast-paced. However, the author could have justified further why Erin needed to maintain her disguise in form of Cam for such a long time, also for me the attraction between the main leads was more physical than emotional, so if you are a romantic like me, you would want more emotional depth in the novel. The part in the plot where the theft occurs and the reason behind it is well-justified.

This book makes for a good, fast, entertaining, light-hearted read and I am sure that Ms Stone has a promising career ahead of her!


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