30th March 2014 : Book Review – The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello



Before I start this review, let me just say that I love all the novels that Jane Costello has written so far, be it her lovely first novel Bridesmaids and the latter All the Single Ladies or the more recent The Wish List. Thus, when I received this novel to review via Net Galley, needless to say, I couldn’t wait to start reading this and I am glad I did.

I absolutely loved this novel! I finished reading this in one day flat and it had all the ingredients that a great chick lit novel should have, i.e. an entertaining storyline, loads of warmth and humour, a little bit of sadness, a great deal of heart, an irresistibly charming heroine that you could relate to, zany but loyal best friends and a handsome hero that made you feel that were he to step out of the pages of the novel, you would have a crush on him too!

This novel is about single mother Imogen and her two best friends Nicola and Meredith and their VIP, all expenses paid holiday to Barcelona (which has been won by Meredith in a competition) and their adventures on this very, very eventful trip.

 Imogen, who has recently been made the Marketing Director of her company ‘Peebles’, is looking forward to relaxing on her holiday, when a major crisis hits the firm. Her boss is caught with his pants down, cavorting with an exec from another company, in the first class section of a plane!! Added to this, she and her friends have a run in with their very nude geography teacher from middle school, she gets robbed on her holiday, has at least two accidents that leave her with injuries and finds out that the very attractive and charismatic man that she has started to develop feelings for might be planning to sabotage her career!

This story had me hooked from the start and I was glued to the novel from beginning to the end.

The novel revolves  around Imogen, who is unable to get over her past and is unable to relax in her present due to work responsibilities and the walls that she has built around her heart due to an earth-shattering incident that changed has changed her life(read the novel to find out more about this!). It is also about how she finally finds closure and begins to enjoy life again and remembers that she is an attractive woman who can have it all, love, career and motherhood. Supporting characters of the story are Nicola, who is comfortable in her own skin but is disheartened by her parents’ disapproval of her choices and who she has chosen as her significant other. It is about the heavily pregnant Meredith, who is in total denial about her impending motherhood and who is still reluctant to leave her carefree, party till 2 am in the night/day lifestyle.

And the hero….what can I say about the totally lovely, sensitive and handsome Harry Pfieffer. Throughout the novel, the chemistry between him and Imogen was palpable and exciting. The way the relationship has been developed between the two leads is very believable, especially since this novel deals with a holiday romance (which, in real life, is usually short-lived, but not so in the case of this novel!).

The reader discovers the friends’ ups and downs through their holiday, witnessing one debacle after the other and there are several momentous occasions in the novel where lessons are learnt, choices are made and conclusions are reached.

I highly recommend this novel as this is chick lit at its best and this gets the full five on five stars from me!

You can now purchase The Time of Our Lives by Jane Costello on Amazon in e-book and paperbook formats:


Get it or regret it!


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