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27th April 2014 – Book Review : Sealed with a Kiss by Rachel Lucas

sealed with a kiss


A book should be all about escapism. A good novel is one where, whilst reading, the reader is transported into a new, exciting place, transfixed by the characters of the novel to such an extent that they are unaware of their surroundings.

Rachel Lucas’s charming tale ‘Sealed with a Kiss’ manages to do exactly this, as while reading the book, I found myself being transported to a remote but lovely Scottish island of Auchenmor, where our heroine Kate decides to take on a job as Girl Friday to Scottish Laird Roderick, after being dumped unceremoniously by her long standing but boring boyfriend Ian on her best friend’s wedding.

This is Kate’s chance to get away from it all, and believe me, if you as a reader also want to get away from it all for a few hours, then read this enchanting novel. This book is quintessential chick lit; it has humour, romance, a tall, dark and handsome but brooding hero, a wicked rival, loyal friends and to top it all of loads of cute animals, including a very naughty puppy and also a sweet little seal pup!

The author has described the island of Auchenmor with great detail and clarity, giving the reader a real taste of how the life in a remote Scottish island would be like and the novel has some winning and memorable characters in the form of Bruno at the coffee shop, Susan and Tom, the much in love couple who live on the island, the ever present Jean and Billy who work on the estate, Kate’s best friend Emma and her husband Sam and their precocious daughters Katherine and Jennifer and lastly, Elizabeth, Kate’s doting but over-protective mother. They make this novel even more special.

There is good chemistry between the Laird Roderick and Kate and the dark, brooding and occasionally grumpy Roderick, often reminded me of the heroes from the novels of yore. You could very easily liken him to the mysterious Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre or the darkly attractive Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights. I love the way how the author described the tentative, uneasy friendship between Roderick and Kate and how this very slowly developed into something more, despite the plentiful obstacles and misunderstandings that came their way, in form of the island’s resident lothario Finn and Roderick’s vampish ex, Fiona. A real highlight in this novel is the celebration of Hogamany, where Roderick hosts a very Scottish New Year’s party in his castle, cue some very cute men wearing kilts!

All in all, this is a very special novel and one that the reader will not forget in a hurry not only due to its picturesque description of Scottish isles and wildlife but also because it has a lot of ‘heart’ in it. It is a ‘feel good’ novel and I had a warm, fuzzy, ‘awwww’ feeling when I finished it.

This book gets a well-deserved five stars from me and I highly recommend it to lovers of all things chick lit!


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