30th May 2014 – Book Review : Rock My World A Ghostly Romance

rock my world

four and a half

As chick lit and contemporary romance novels are becoming more and more popular with readers, there has been an umbrage of new authors in this genre. To make your mark amongst the many, you must have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, for want of a better phrase, to set you apart from the rest.

New author, Julie Shackman has just this quality. I absolutely loved ‘Rock My World’! I say this from the bottom of my heart and I would want readers everywhere to read the book. This is chick lit at its finest….this book has everything that the die hard chick lit fan wants, a beautiful, sassy, opinionated, endearing heroine, a charismatic, rich, handsome and arrogant hero who is head over heels for the heroine, lots of intrigue and interesting side characters as well as a a paranormal twist to the story. Julie’s writing is heart-warming and I found the story-line riveting!

This book is about Ruby, who works as a reporter for a local paper and leads a fairly normal life until one fine day, she catches control freak boyfriend Luke doing the dirty with a pretty young thing in their flat. As a result, she dumps the loser and moves to a new home, which is built on the site of an old theatre. Unfortunately the house comes with an added extra, its own resident ghost, a local rock star of yore, Stevie Vie AKA Valentine who died by accident at the very site while performing. Stevie Vie is convinced that his death was not an accident and wants to find out who was involved in causing his death in order to pass over to the other side. Ruby agrees to help him find the culprit, using her abilities as a reporter. Added to this, the newspaper where Ruby works gets an unwelcome addition to its staff (as far as Ruby is concerned) in form of the newspaper owner’s son Matt Jardine, whom Ruby thoroughly resents as she feels that he is taking undue advantage of his position and is an incorrigible womaniser and flirt.

I loved the way this story flowed, I loved Ruby’s quirks and feisty personality, I loved Stevie Vie’s loud enactments of hit eighties anthems and I loved the chemistry, fights and sexual tension between Matt and Ruby. Ruby’s easy acceptance and friendship with the ghostly Stevie Vie will charm the reader and the mystery of Stevie’s death is interwoven ingeniously into the storyline. I also do love a novel where the hero does most of the chasing rather than the heroine, as our male protagonist Matt does in this novel. To the mix comes in a very villainous character, a mother with a colourful past, a homeless man who gives sage advice and a twist at the end of the novel that leaves the reader reeling, making this a novel unputdownable!

This is indeed an engrossing, compelling read and I predict that this author will definitely go places. I also took a trip right down memory lane, as the book has various references to songs and bands from 1980s and 90s, what with the ghostly Stevie Vie being from that particular moment in time.
This book earned its four and a half stars and I look forward to reading more of Julie’s work, as I feel that she will continue to provide us avid chick lit fans with many more books like this one.

Rock my World is published by Not So Noble Books and you can buy it here http://www.amazon.co.uk/ROCK-MY-WORLD-ghostly-romance-ebook/dp/B00ICRU3J6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1401492605&sr=8-2&keywords=rock+my+world

Keep your eyes peeled for a very special guest post tomorrow by Julie Shackman, the author of Rock My World on her journey as an author, from frustration to publication.


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