Book Review : To Catch a Star by Romy Sommer

to catch a star

4 stars

After a long hiatus (thanks to a very, very hectic day job and kiddo’s summer holidays), I am back, doing what I think I do best, writing book reviews!!

This time, the book of choice is Romy Sommer’s ‘To catch Star’, a tale of a high born ice princess who falls for a long lost prince charming with questionable lineage.

Tessa is a scion of Westerwald nobility, raised with high aspirations and a firm sense of what is proper and ladylike. Her well-ordered existence comes into disarray with the entry of Christian Taylor, Hollywood heartthrob, made famous for his hot body and high octane action roles. There is huge chemistry between the two, and things become even more complicated as Tessa’s father, responsible for Westerwald’s state security, sets her the task of spying on Christian by taking on the position of his PA, as he is in possession of a precious article of jewellery that has from generations only been kept by the highest of Westerwald royalty.

Christian although outwardly is a charming, outgoing, flirt, he has hidden depths. He faced the taboo of being an inter-racial child who was raised by a single mother and does not know the identity of his absent father. He fights his ever-growing attraction to Tessa, who seems to be as impervious and frigid as ice.

To Tessa, Christian is forbidden fruit, he represents freedom and a life away from rigid routines and the need to keep up appearances. Tessa is engaged to be married to Stephan and she does not need a complication like Christian in her life.

The was keen to read this novel as I love a tale of opposites who attract and the start of the story was very promising, when the two protagonists almost meet by accident in a car! However, I found that the story did drag a little in the middle and it only managed to get my attention back when things started to hot up between Christian and Tessa in Paris.Also enjoyable were little Hollywood related qips and quirks that you would expect.

I liked Tessa, as regardless of the impositions that her noble blood put on her, she came across as a very self-possessed, confident woman and I liked that hero, Christian fell head over heels for her. I also enjoyed Tessa’s development from someone who was imprisoned by her noble duties to a woman put her happiness and desires first. The question of Christian’s parentage is also resolved to a happy conclusion in the end.

This book can be read as a standalone novel or as a companion to Romy Somer’s ‘What Stays in Vegas’ as we see some of the characters making an appearance in this novel.

This is an enjoyable read, being published by Harper Impulse on the 25th of September 2014.


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