Guest Post – ‘Single in the City’ by Rose McClelland

Dear, dear readers…..first of all apologies for being AWOL for the past year (or more)…..been having a few upheavals, revelations and drastic changes in my personal life (but that is another story, maybe I should write a book on that, would make for an entertaining yet sordid tale).

However, it gives me great pleasure to be able to restart my blog with this fantastic guest post by the very talented Rose McCleland. Rose’s book ‘The Year of No Rules’ is out on 17th of October, read more about it on https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rose-McClelland/e/B007RB84KI/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1.

the year of no rules

So with out further ado, here is Rose’s great article on the real struggle and the surprising joys of being single……

Single in the City

Suddenly single. It has quite a horrible ring to it, doesn’t it? But that’s often how it happens. It’s out of the blue, you weren’t expecting it and those words “we need to talk” suddenly shift your whole world upside down.

But hold on. Before you drown your sorrows in copious bottles of wine and massive tubs of ice-cream, take heart. This could actually be a blessing in disguise.

In my novel “The Year of No Rules”, Sasha suddenly finds herself single. However, if she’s honest with herself, she can see that the break-up was a long time coming. Wasn’t there signs all along that things weren’t right?

It’s easy after a break-up to cling on to hope. To believe that this is just a blip. That soon he’ll realise the error of his ways and come running back.

Well, here’s a tip: give him the space to miss you. Don’t email him. Don’t text him. Don’t even poke him on Facebook. Don’t give him any reminders that you’re still alive. Give him space to miss you. And while he’s doing that, take some time to think about all the wonderful things about being single.

  1. The TV controller is now your own. No more loud football matches. No more having to sit through the latest Guns & Ammo’ part 53 just to appease him. You can watch all the trashy reality shows of the day and not be moaned at.
  2. No dirty socks on the floor. No mess in the bathroom. No empty beer cans lining the kitchen worktops. Your home can be a haven of girlie cleanliness.
  3. Your time, space and money are now your own. Yes that’s right – your money is your own. How often in relationships do us girls pay too much, buy too much, (love too much)? Now is the time to pamper yourself. You want that dress? Buy it. You want that spa weekend trip with the girls? Go! Go! Go!
  4. Your time is your own. Yes, I know I’ve repeated myself but that’s because it’s an important point. Now you have all the time in the world to pursue that hobby you secretly dream about. Always wanted to start a jewellery business? Why not now? Always wanted to write a book? Great! Now you have all the time to do it. I guarantee you that if you get engrossed in this, you won’t have time for any sorry-ass guy in your life.
  5. No head trouble. Now is the time to enjoy the peace and quiet. No more arguments. No more jealousies. No more long discussions about the problems in the relationship. Your head can be a drama-free zone. Which gives you a clearer head to do that hobby in point #4.



I could go on and on – the list is endless. Nevermind a blog post, I could write a novel on this. Oh, that’s right, I have! “The Year of No Rules” is all about Sasha finding herself suddenly single and how she copes with it. Please read it to find out more about her funny tales and interesting adventures!


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